Welcome to the 3D Format website!

With there now being several comeptition events in the UK, 3D Format was created to help the organizers of most of these events to bring them all in line, to reduce the workload on the pilots and harmonize the UK’s Competition scene. By standardizing the “Rounds”.

Using 3D Format, organizers can choose which rounds they wish to use at their event, and ensure that pilots competing at another event aren’t having to re-learn manoeuvres or judging criteria for each event.

We see each round as a block and the event organizer can choose which blocks they will use.

A standard list of set manoeuvres has been created and will grow as the each seasons new manoeuvres are invented.

We are also keen to ensure that all the people who have an interest in the sport are able to have a voice, so please contact us if you wish to be part of the team.

Good luck to all the competitors and 3D Format competition organisers!